One Woman's Journey Told in Quilts

Equal parts family story, travelogue and quilter’s journal, this book is all heart.

Follow the life of retired English teacher turned quilter Betty Maurer, as she takes on “something to keep my hands busy” and ends up with so much more. You’ll see the dramatic evolution of Betty’s quilts, from the traditional patterns she first tackles to her later bold custom designs.

Inspired by her travels way beyond Oklahoma’s borders, Betty begins to create quilts that echo the patterns, colors and textures she sees in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Quilting becomes an integral part of her life... each quilt is a symbol of her love for her family... a reminder of her patience and creativity… and finally, a reliable solace in difficult times. When challenges cross her path, with Midwestern practicality, Betty says, “You go on. You cope. And you quilt.”

Told in her modest words, illustrated with her husband’s stunning travel and quilt photography and designed by her graphic designer daughter, this book is a visual treat and an inspiring family collaboration. One Woman’s Journey told in Quilts is a perfect gift to share with quilters, moms, daughters or anyone who appreciates the satisfaction of creating.